EXCLUSIVE interview with new Falling In Reverse bassist ‘Mika Kazuo Horiuchi’

FIR Army Europe: Hi Mika, just tell us a lil bit about yourself.


Mika: I just turned 25 in pril, im from Seattle, Washington, but I’ve been living in omaha nebraska for the last 4 years. I moved there in mid 2007 for metalblade band ‘Cellador’.


FIR Army Europe: So, how did you get in touch with Falling In Reverse?


Mika: Jacky was a fan of Cellador and knew about me years ago and when they needed to find a bass player they contacted me.


FIR Army Europe: Okay, so can you tell us exactly what happened with Nason? We all got some fragments of discussions via twitter, but we never heart the whole story yet.


Mika: I dont even know the exact story, lol.  But I do want to make it clear that I have nothing against Nason or Max Green as I dont even know them on a personal level.

Just because that is always the assumption

FIR Army Europe:
Yeah, that’s a very good way to deal with it. So will you move to Cali soon?


Mika: Yes, I am planning on relocating to Cali.

(on the nason topic) I could say what I’ve heard, but im not one to put out a potentially biased story to the public. So I just leave it at that.

FIR Army Europe:
Let’s get to music, for how many years do you play your instruments?


Mika: I have been playing music since the 4th grade, started out in classical and jazz bands playing the trumpet and sax. Then I switched to bass guitar, starting out with punk, then metal, then more fusion and solo artist type genres. For example, jaco pastorius, victor wooten, stanley clark, billy sheehan, and bands like dream theater and symphony x.


FIR Army Europe: Seems like you’re a real experienced guy. Why did you leave your old band ‘Cellador’? Any issues or just ‘cause playing in one band with Ronnie Radke is like ‘the big deal’ (I think anybody understands that)?


Mika:  Well to put it nicely and simple, things were not working out, and I did not feel like I fit in with a bunch of grungy metal dudes.
I had been on hiatus with bands as i was attending cosmotology school when Jacky and Ronnie contacted me.

And I know ronnie is a huge deal in music, but I wouldn’t have jumped in if the rest of the band was not just as talented. Which it is crazy how incredible our lineup is.


FIR Army Europe: I know you can’t talk about it, but Ronnie said the album will blow us away. Is the record really something so special that it will just strike all of a heap?


Mika: Yeah I cant say much…but I personally have been so bored and non stimulated by most of the new stuff coming out.  No matter what genre it may be, it all seems so generic. This album is what everyone in my state of mind will be stoked on.


Mika: Just to not loose faith in Ronnie or FIR because very soon we are gonna come out with a bang.


FIR Army Europe: Okay, thanks for your time, good luck for your future and we all really can’t wait to hear new stuff.